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Inspiration Cherry
Wood Urn with Praying Hands & Cross
Price: $285.00
Size(s): 225 cubic in., 10"L x 7 1/4"W x 8"H, 5.6 lbs
Made In

Our Inspiration Urn is made of solid Cherry Wood with an inlaid Walnut Cross and relief carving of Praying Hands. These urns are handcrafted by craftsmen who pride themselves in creating a loving tribute of the highest quality to bring to your family. Cherry Wood comes from the fruit tree, is smooth and sleek in texture and whose heartwood color is a reddish brown. The beauty of cherry wood contrasted with the deeper colored walnut inlay makes the urn stand out in its styling. No stains are used. The finished product shows only the natural beauty and color of the woods used in its creation. Each urn is made from timber that comes from sustainable forests. All materials used are eco-friendly.

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